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Video FAQ

What is Immediate Functional Loading and delayed loading of Implants ?

Why do immediate Loading serves better?

How long does procedure takes to complete replacement of all missing or compromised teeth?

Having multiple compromised loose teeth? it is possible to receive implant fixed teeth in 3 days.

Can We receive immediate loading implants if due to limited jaw bone we are rejected for implants?

Is Immediate Loading Implant procedure Patient Friendly? What is Minimally Invasive Flapless surgery?

Do I need Bone graft for immediate Loading Implant Procedure?

Is there any alternative to receive implant fixed teeth without sinus lift procedure?

Can smoker receive Immediate Loading Implants?

Can Diabetic individual receive Immediate Loading Implants?

What Different Prosthetic options are available for Full Mouth Implant Fixed teeth restoration?

What are the risks associated with immediate loading implants?

How Much cleaning and oral care is needed after immediate Loading Implantation Procedure?

What Can I eat after receiving Fixed implant teeth?

Is Follow up Check Up Necessary? What is importance of follow up visits?

Difference between Single piece and Two Piece Implants?

Do you have any painless Local anesthesia procedure?

How can you contact us if you are seeking for Immediate loading Implant?

Why it is not common for many dentist to perform Immediate loading Implant regularly

Is there any clinical and scientific evidence to support immediate loading?

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