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Research & Publications

Dr. Mayur as to his credit several publications in both national as well as international journals. He has always had a keen interest in researching about upcoming dental technologies.

Textbook Publication

Authors of the Textbook: 'Vitamin C in Periodontal Health and Disease' by International Lamb-Lambert Publishing.

Research & Publications

Case Report & Research Publications:

An evaluation of association between pre-term birth and pre- term low birth weight with periodontitis and effect of non-surgical supportive periodontal therapy on pregnancy outcome in a rural set up in India: A clinical study. - 'International Journal of healthcare and Biomedical Research.' Assessment of Response of Dental Clinicians and Patients towards Different Imaging Modalities Used In Diagnostic Evaluation of Dental Implant Therapy. - Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research.' solar Classification of Food Impaction Revisited – Its Management – ‘Indian Journal of Dental Advancements.' Management of Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis In an edentulous patient. – case report. “International Journal of healthcare and Biomedical Research.” Evaluation of calendula officinalis as an antiplaque and antigingivitis agent. – 'Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology.' A Novel Pre-suturing Technique for Management of Ankyloglossia (Tongue tie) : Case Report – ‘British Medical Journal - case report’ Modified Ridge Splitting technique for implant placement in an aesthetic Zone: Case Report – Contemporary clinical dentistry.

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