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Immediate Implant

When implants are placed at the same time as the tooth is removed such a procedure is known as Immediate Implants Placement. Today this procedure is considered standard as it prevents any change in shape of bone and gum surrounding the extracted tooth. It is convenient for the patient as it allows the surgical treatment to be completed in one intervention. Only in few cases, where there is a cyst or abcess in relation to a badly infected tooth, it is better to first remove the infected tooth and allow healing before the implant is placed.

Immediate Loading of Dental Implants

A traditional implant treatment involved multiple appointments with treatment extending from 6 months to 1 year:

  • Tooth extraction (wait for 3 months for implant placement).
  • Implant placement (if immediate implant, at the same time as of extraction) (first stage surgery)
  • Unloaded healing phase (6 weeks - 6 month)
  • Uncovering of implants (second stage surgery)
  • Prosthetic phase (wait for 3-6 months for fusion of implant in bone).
Minimally Invasive Implants

With conventional delayed loading implants patients would have to wait for a long time from the beginning to the end of treatment. Until then the patient had to wear a denture until the implants fused with the bone.

With recent innovation and technology, it is now possible to place immediate loading dental implant immediately after tooth removal to provide fixed teeth over implant in Just 3 days in case of few to multiple teeth replacement and 5-7 days in case of Both or either of Full jaw Fixed teeth replacement. But the follow up of 10-12 days are mandatory.

Even in very compromised bone, this procedure will be avoiding traumatic bone grafting and any need for additional Sinus lift surgery, which are really time & cost consuming.

The greatest advantages of this treatment is shorter duration,more durabilty & higher success.

Minimally Invasive Implants

Minimally Invasive Flapless Implants

When implant is being placed the gum is cut and a gum flap is reflected to expose bone. Then implant are placed in the bone.After placing implant flap is sutured back to original position. Conventional two piece and BOI implant requires flap Reflection.

Flapless implants need no gum reflection. Flapless procedure does not disturb the blood supply to the thin fragile bone. Hence no sutures are given after placing implant.

The advantages of this procedure are:

  • Less surgical time
  • No changes in bone level after implant healing
  • Little bleeding, if any. Patients need not stop aspirin, heparin or any ther blood thinners; if they are taking any.
  • Less postoperative discomfort.
  • No sutures are required after surgery.

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