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Dental Tourism Frequently Asked Questions


How economic and effective is dental procedures in India?
Dentists in India who are as qualified as or even with higher qualification than their western counterparts come quite economic. Foreigners reach India in bulk from western European countries, US, UK and Australia seeking for world-class dental services at affordable cost. It’s no more a hidden fact that millions leave the place happy saving that neat bulk.

Is age a criterion when deciding to perform a dental implant?
Age does not limit a patient from performing dental implant, instead it is the prevailing health condition of the patient that decides whether a dental implant can be performed or not. However, dental implant shall not be performed on a patient who is a victim of uncontrolled diabetes and also substance abuse.

How Long will it take to complete Dental Implant Treatment?

With recent innovation and technology, it is now possible to provide fixed teeth with the help of immediate loading dental implant in 7-8 days in case of full Upper or / and lower jaw replacement and 3-4 days in case of replacement of few teeth.
But the follow up of 10-12 days are mandatory in case of full mouth Dental Implant Cases.

What is procedure of Dental Implant?

The procedure of Dental implant treatment consists of:-
  1. Pre- operative assessment on 1st day.
  2. On 2nd day replacement of Missing teeth with  Dental implants followed by  impression recording.
  3. 3rd day  prosthetic trial,  Recording of act of Jaw Closure.
  4. Final delivery of prosthesis on 4th day.
 5. 3- 4 days of follow up in next 10 - 12 days in case of Full Mouth Dental Implants and 1 follow up in case of single segment Dental Implants (4-5 implant on either side of single jaw).
Two follow up visit during 1st year are required to evaluate Health status of your dentition.. The total duration for 1st visit will be around 8-10 days, of which you will get teeth after implant placement on 3rd-4th day.

I Have several Teeth Missing and many teeth are still present, and require full mouth Implants, How long will i have to wait for getting Implant teeth?

With  Immediate Implantation it is possible to place implant immediately after removal of remaining Compromised teeth, so you are in a position to recieve Fixed teeth in in just 3- 4 days after implant placement. Hence you dont have to wait for healing of bone after tooth extraction to place implant. thus, you tends to save around 2-3 months. 

Will post-dental surgery have complications?

Following the instruction as told by your dentist will ensure that no post-surgical complications creep in. Make sure the surgical site is maintained as it is for at least 24 hours; even spitting or rinsing your mouth is not allowed as it may inflict bleeding in the surgical site. The effect of anaesthesia will be there for about 2 hours; until normal sensation is recovered the patient is advised not to chew food or swallow drinks. Take care that no pressure is exerted on the surgical site, until the healing has been completed. Prescribed medication, Ice fermentation and timely dental appointments are indispensable to ensure proper healing.

How should be Post-maintenance of implant teeth?
Implant teeth seem much the same as natural teeth in their appearance and more or less performs the same function as the latter. This explains why implant teeth requires to be protected in the same way as one would care for his natural teeth. You can ensure the prolonged existence of implant teeth by brushing twice daily. Oral hygiene is an important factor in post-maintenance of implant teeth.

How long will a crowned teeth last?
One cannot weigh between the strength of crowned teeth and that of natural teeth. Crowns are usually placed as a means to strengthen and support the weak teeth. Periodic dental assistance and maintaining proper oral hygiene are the best means one can adopt to ensure longevity of crowned teeth

Is there a cure for bad breath?

Inadequate oral hygiene can be one among the reason for bad breath. In certain instances, bad breath can also signal the onset of gum problems, decayed teeth or might happen due to left out food particles on teeth, bad odour food, sinus, diabetes and more. Anyhow timely dental assistance can effectively treat bad odour or the dental condition that cause bad odour.

How effective can teeth whitening be?

Normal healthy tooth colour is slightly off-white. In some you may even notice darker shades which could be of medication reaction, discoloration due to food or drink etc. Such discoloured tooth can be made white and brighter by approaching a qualified dentist and undergoing a professional teeth whitening procedure. However whitening toothpastes aren’t as effective as professional whitening procedures, although they might prove helpful in post-whitening maintenance of the teeth.