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Face Profile change due to Removable Dentures

Missing teeth causes bone loss in both, but especially the lower jaw. The loss of bone over time affects more than just the mouth. Facial sagging, premature aging and loss of function are all results of atrophy in the upper and lower jaws. This is one of the biggest problems denture patients face. Because the dentures sit overtheir gums, the jaw continues to shrink, as the bone is not stimulated by the presence of teeth. This leads to perpetually ill-fitting and/or loose dentures, due to the continued shrinkage over time, even after the denture is refitted.

Non treatment complete bone resorption

When dental implants are placed, the bone is stimulated and can be regenerated to some extent. s. The sooner implants are placed after all teeth extraction, the better the preservation of bone and less is tendency to avoid profile change. But the avoidance of appropriate treatment with implant and choosing an option to wear a denture, the bone loss may become so severe that the patient will have severe bone bone atrohy

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