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Dental microscope has enabled me to offer my patients a very high level of care. It has been very helpful in the early detection of sickness and treatment of many conditions, has significantly helped me in treating more advanced problems which in the past I would have considered impossible to treat, and has especially played an important role in helping me to better educate my patients and significantly decreasing the amount time needed in forming trusting relationships with them. The dental microscope is the only technology I could not work without, and it has also helped in reducing the time of treatments.



Dental microscope is a type of medical microscopy that uses especially angled optics designed to see areas that are often difficult to access or view. Standard microscopes, for example, are units mounted on tables, allowing efficient viewing of samples that have been cut, stained or prepared on glass slides. In most dental works, this is not feasible, since viewing is usually performed on live individuals. This is why dental medical microscopes use objective lenses on movable and extendable arms for better manipulation.

A dental operating microscope uses the same type of magnification as standard microscopes. It is also equipped with optical lenses for magnification. However, dental medical microscopes use zoom lenses to allow more control over focusing and image enlargement. For most instruments of this type, the focusing mechanism is often motorized. The source of illumination is controlled to allow the dentist or dental staff to adjust lighting for close proximity work or distance work.

Unlike standard hand-held microscopes, dental microscopes are not table mounted. The base of the instrument rests on the floor next to the dentist, with the objective lens hovering over the patient. It is operated using foot brakes and foot controls.

the Dental microscope is highly versatile. However, it is the best used in the following areas:

Dental microscope is invaluable tool for inspecting and diagnosing tissues in the gums, palate and other areas of the mouth. Its magnification and zoom focus controls allow dentists to perform precise microsurgical incisions and sutures on gum tissue. These instruments are also used in the evaluation and close inspection of the gums and teeth and on the quality of dental restoration work. It is an excellent tool for the removal of dirt and caries and for laser surgery.

Dental microscope is effective tool for the magnification and lighting of the mouth cavity during surgery. Magnification allows dental surgeons to perform accurate incisions on the gums, minimizing the size of the wound. This allows more comfort and faster healing time for the patient. Dental microscope also used during root canal operations.

Our dental microscope also equipped with a digital video camera for the documentation of dental work. This is often used for insurance purposes. Documenting dental work is also an excellent tool for training dentistry students and for educating patients.

In restorative dentistry, dental microscope is used to view tooth preparation and refinement. Because of its focusing and magnification features, it allows close inspection of any restorations performed in teeth or gum tissues. During inspection of restored teeth and roots, any abnormalities may be viewed and corrected immediately. Dental microscope is also used for polishing and finishing teeth margins and for contouring teeth and teeth implants.

Some of the most serious medical procedures (i.e. brain surgery, eye surgery) are not possible without microscopic magnification. The ability to magnify what we need to see, and illuminate it adequately, allows the doctor to do things he could not do without assisted magnification. When we can see better, the more accurately we can perform the task at hand.

Microscope assisted dentistry, Micro-Dentistry, is performing the highest quality dental procedures possible in our office. Tooth structure can be conserved, oral tissues can be handled better and surgeries can, therefore, heal better and faster with less post operative symptoms.

Microscope Dentistry is the “cutting edge” of the most advanced care available through the use of 21st Century technology.