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Dental Implant in Goa

Our clinic provides the best in class Dental Implants in Goa nowadays. We are a team of well experienced and dedicated dentists with a specialization in the dental implants. We ensure that our clinic is discrete and comfortable environment for every patient.

We have expertise in the most recent implant techniques. We attend training programs for enhancing our proficiency regularly. We use only advanced resources to make a complete dental examination.

We provide the most suitable treatment soon after we have diagnosed the dental problem. We feel pride and happy to give all options to our patients to pick the best suitable one. Our dental implant experts use only the highest possible quality of implants.

We have an expertise in every aspect of the dentistry and implants. The main attraction of our affordable dental implants is the lifetime guarantee for implants from our manufacturer. We provide the most outstanding consultation and dental checkup service on time.

Our former patients are satisfied about the most excellent quality of our dental implant treatments and no hidden costs. We give the most exceptional treatment to make our patients to smile confidently.

Our staff members are friendly and professional. They are conscious about their dedicated support and services to make patients as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment.

Our dental implant specialists are committed to healthy teeth restoration by replacing missing, decaying and damaged teeth perfectly. We provide the best care and quality Dental Implants in Goa. As a result, our clinic is recommended by our former patients and other dentists.

Dr. Mayur Khairnar tell us how a dental implant procedure is performed.

Dr. Mayur Khairnar  Best Implant Surgeon
  • Patient gets Dental panoramic OPG X ray before going thorough Consultation. In case of highly deficient bone condition, patient will be sent to get Pre -operative CBCT Scan.
  • The scan is used to analyze the quality & density of bone & also critical areas like the nerve & the sinus, damage to which can lead to complications. Post planning, implant surgery is performed following a strict sterilization protocol.
  • Patient  under goes minimally invasive approach of implant placement, flapless and suture-less mostly and delivered prosthesis within 72 hours of implant placement.
  • Full mouth Implant placement will be done in single appointment.
  • Patient is recalled for follow up after 1 week, 3 week, 8 week, 4 months and then every year once for follow up  check up and maintenance. 

Patient are requested to provide image of  Dental Panoramic OPG X-ray to receive exact quotation and better online treatment plan of the case.